Troopers Respond to Accidental Firearm Discharge at Garfield Twp. Restaurant

Michigan State Police responded to an accidental discharge of a firearm by a diner at the Flap Jack Shack in Garfield Township Monday morning.

After responding to the call from the restaurant’s manager, troopers spoke with a 35-year-old Indiana man who was visiting northern Michigan on vacation.

According to troopers, the man told them he was using the restroom at the restaurant and hung his handgun on the coat hook inside the stall door. When he finished, he grabbed the handgun off the hook, and it discharged. The bullet went through the stall door, struck the ceiling and then ricocheted off, landing on the floor.

The man had a valid permit to carry the handgun. Troopers say a report has been filed with the prosecutor’s office for review.

MSP reminds everyone that while it is legal to carry a handgun under certain conditions and with proper licensing, the gun owner is responsible for anything that may occur as a result.