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Cadillac Revival Center Church Reflects On Past, Moves Toward Future


It’s not goodbye – but hello – to a new future for the Revival Center Church in Cadillac and its congregation.

The church building was destroyed in a fire last month due to corroded underground wiring – and will be torn down this week.

Starting in a living room in 1957 – the Revival Center of Cadillac’s congregation is now closing the page on an old chapter of its story – and looking forward to a new.

“This is the beginning of a new story for us, and we’re going to get through it one day at a time,” said Pastor Will Markham.

Members of the congregation were able to take a moment to say goodbye before the building is demolished on July 13.

“My husband, Kenton, and I celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary at the church and we had a great party and a lot of fun memories,” said congregation member Jean Vincent. “Three years ago, we did a celebration of life of my husband in that church.”

Bette Raymond first attended the church over forty years ago.

When she first heard the church was on fire, she didn’t believe it.

” I said, ‘No, I didn’t believe it’,” she said. “But then the reality of it came, when I came up here and seen it, and then I got to thinking, ‘Well, you know what? This is good for a while, but god’s got something better’.”

Now a new and bigger building is in the works.

Pastor Will Markham who has been with the church over thirty years says an architect is willing to offer his services for free – and already $80,000 has been raised in donations for whatever they need.

“Revival Center as more than a building and more than a people. It’s an idea. It’s a concept,” said Pastor Markham. “God is building his kingdom, and we are here to walk into that.”

Closing the service – Pastor Markham gave the congregation pieces of what remained of the church’s mural.

He says it was the largest in the area and designed by a Houghton Lake artist.