‘the four’ Cherry Summer Games 2022

In honor of the National Cherry Festival, ‘the four’ is bringing back the Cherry Summer Games!

It’s a week-long competition featuring Michigan’s favorite fruit.  Xavier, Madison and Michael will take on a cherry-themed challenge during ‘the four’ every day this week, including pie-eating, pit spitting, trivia and more!

Day 1

The first game of the week is pit spitting! The team is putting their skills to the test to see who can get the cherry pit the farthest.


Day 2

The second game of the week is National Cherry Festival trivia!

Day 3 

The third game of the week is Pin the Stem on the Cherry.

Day 4

The fourth game of the week is a Cherry Pie Eating Contest.

Day 5 

The fifth and FINAL game of the Cherry Summer Games is the Backyard Air Dog competition.

Check back all week to see the latest game and who wins!

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