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Sand Sculpture Fun at Sunset Beach Park

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“To see all the kids out and having fun out on the water, this is what Traverse City’s all about.”

Sandy toes and determined kids —
Children hit the sand at Sunset Beach Park to create their very own sand sculptures.

Jeff Needham, President of The National Cherry Festival says, “It’s a great opportunity for kids ages 3-12 to come down and put together a sand castle and spend time with family.”

The sand sculpture contest was critiqued by a panel of judges–

“So it’s based on creativity, imagination, looking for attention to details, what the good design factor, how they do in cooperation with other family members, and their overall spirit,” says Needham.

Prizes included ribbons, a deck of cards, and brand new back packs.
The national cherry festival offers many family friendly activities that allows everyone to participate.

“It’s great the have an opportunity to take my kids somewhere where it’s free and can experience it with their brothers and see parts of the community that they don’t always get to,” says parent Megan Kuzma.

We even got a chance to catch up with some of the excited contestants–

So tell me about your sandcastle…So we had to build walls because the water kept trying to get in or sandcastle so we got a lot of moats to protect it.’
And did you know what you wanted to build before you started? No we just had to keep building along the way and try to figure out what it would bring.
It looks really good!

“We made cherries and fireworks and then Cherry Fest…I’m just super happy.
And what’s your favorite part about the creation that you made? I like the cherries I like the colors as well.”

“How does it feel like to win first place? Amazing!
Tell us about your sandcastle…So in the middle is a volcano and then put wooden rocks all over that kind of texture it than others palm trees which is driftwood and seaweed. Yeah over there is a mini hut and a dock with a sailboat
Looks awesome, you did a great job congratulations!

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