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Festival Food For Everyone at the National Cherry Festival

“It’s been crazy busy, you couldn’t get more people down here.”

Right in the heart of the National Cherry Festival is the way to a lot of people’s hearts, all of the festival food.

“Corn dogs, people love all the time for breakfast, we got them lined up all day long,” said Brent Bannen, job manager. “As you can tell, people are in line most of the time.”

Grabbing a bucket of fries from Gibby’s is a mandatory stop for many this week.

“We do roughly around 400 cases for the week, for the 8 days we’re here,” said Josh Hansen, owner of Gibby’s.

That’s 400, 50-pound cases of potatoes in eight days.

“Everybody has been supportive,” said Hansen. “We’ve all had to raise our prices and all that stuff and they don’t complain the waiting, they don’t care.”

Grand Traverse Pie Company serves up tens of thousands of pieces of cherry pie this week. Whether it’s just a classic piece with ice cream on top, or mixed in with the ice cream for a flurry, this is one of the busiest spots here in the cherry market. And you can’t leave without a cup of cherries.

“We have two offerings, we have a light, sweet cherry and we also offer a dark, sweet cherry and we have them in different sized cups,” said Tana Wilsey, manager of Edmonson Orchards.

So everyone can taste the reason we’re all here this week.

“When you think of the volume of people through here and a small family farm, four-generation I might add, to have the opportunity to supply the cherries for this event it’s pretty amazing and we’re thankful to do that,” said Wilsey. “It takes a village but it’s a lot of fun.”

It doesn’t stop there. There are elephant ears, grilled corn on the cob and more local cherry products. Truly something for everyone here.