Businesses in Downtown TC Benefit from Cherry Festival Traffic

"It's alive again. Willing to come out and see how beautiful a hidden gem this is in Traverse City." - Timothy Bates, Livnfresh

Another summer weekend in Traverse City – but add in the National Cherry Festival and it means extra visitors to make northern Michigan’s largest city even bigger.Livnfresh

Timothy Bates works at Livnfresh. “I’ve met someone from every region of the United States this week. It’s been awesome. It shows a lot about how far people are willing to travel to come to our town in Traverse City.”

It brings another layer of “busy” to businesses downtown on Front Street. Whether they’re stocking up on hats and t-shirts or popping in for pizza. Chris Batchelder with Pangea’s Pizza says, “It’s definitely been busy. It’s been a little crazy. It feels like pre-COVID crazy for Cherry Fest which is great. It’s fantastic.”

Northern Michigan is a fun vacation for visitors and their families. But some employees say even though it’s hectic – it’s fun for them too. Batchelder says, “We all look forward to this week. I don’t know if we’re crazy or what but we look forward to it. And it has not disappointed at all.”

Alec Nall at Doug Murdick’s Fudge also says the crowds have kept them working nonstop. “Crazy busy so far. It’s been nuts. We love fudgies though. Can’t get enough of them!”

Murdicks FudgeA reminder that downtown businesses will be a little tough to drive to early Saturday because of the parade. But the foot traffic will keep them busy all along the parade route.

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