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Brewvine: Expansion at Petoskey Brewing

For this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and chief photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to Petoskey Brewing where they have recently expanded their beer garden, drink menu and locations.

The crew at Petoskey Brewing is always working on new beer, but now they have their own line of liquor. Originally starting out with vodka and gin, a whiskey is on the way.

“The reaction has been great to the spirits and we’re excited to be able to have that offering,” said Tyler Gostinger, operations manager for Petoskey Brewing. “Now, people can’t people don’t just come in and get only beer. Now there’s a lot of other offerings. We have seltzers, cider, wine, we have our vodka and gin so multiple people can come in and most likely find something that they really enjoy. And that’s what we really wanted was that it wasn’t just a beer drinker coming in and bring in other people that now there’s drinks that everybody can enjoy.”

You can try a craft cocktail at the bar or in the beer garden, or you can take home their “pog” cocktail in a can. But it’s not just new beverages they’re working, they also have a new location in Cross Village that they hope to open soon.

“We’re in the middle of construction right now,” Gostinger said. “Our patio is being poured this week, so we have a lot of stuff going on up there. We’re shooting for pretty much beginning of August, but it’s still open this summer and we’re just ready to get people up there to do that beautiful drive on M-119 and and stop and have a burger and a beer on their way.

“We’re just excited to get open and have these new offerings for everybody. The menu will be a little bit different, but our burgers will still be there, our beers will be there, our cocktails will be there, and we’re just excited to have some quick service up there that people can get in and out fast. So it’s pretty cool.”

With a location on both ends of M-119, Petoskey Brewing is hoping to provide new experiences for customers as well.

“We’re just excited to be on both ends and maybe do like cruise events where we have classic cars go from this building to that one are bike events where people are pedaling from here up to there, or motorcycle events,” Gostinger said. “We have that opportunity on this beautiful road, in this beautiful place that we live to be able to provide that to our customers.”