People in Downtown TC Celebrate First Ever Consumers Energy Community Royale Parade

Royaleparade20221The fun at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City continued Thursday evening with the first ever Consumers Energy Community Royale Parade.

People lined the streets of downtown Traverse City all day for the National Cherry Festival’s Community Royale Parade, including one family who drove all the way from Palm Beach, Florida for the festival and parade.

One couple from Toledo, Ohio got a front row seat to the event, and say they didn’t even know about it until they saw people lining the streets.

“We came just for Traverse City in general. We wanted to check out the Cherry Festival and when we got here we realized there was a parade going on. So, we figured why not stay,” they said.

A former resident of Traverse City made her way back home for Thursday’s parade, traveling all the way from South Bend, Indiana to see her great nephew in this year’s parade.

“There was no way I could miss him in the parade this year,” she smiled. Royaleparade20223

A husband and wife from Traverse City say this year’s Consumer’s Energy Royale Parade is the first parade they’ve been to since the start of the pandemic. They say the National Cherry Festival is a family affair as their granddaughter is one of this year’s Grand Marshall’s.

“I actually was Daffy the Clown for over 30 years. But now we’re really proud, because our granddaughter is going to be in the parade. So, it’s kind of staying in the family,” the wife said.

They say being back brings a lot of memories and are looking forward to the rest of the festival.

“We’re just looking forward to it, and we’re just hoping everyone is respectful of and everyone has a good time,” they said.

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