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Former State Rep. Larry Inman Can Be Tried Again for Bribery Charges, Extortion

The saga of former State Representative Larry Inman continues.

On Thursday, a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge ruled Inman can be tried again for his charges of bribery and extortion.

In December 2019, was acquitted after a the jury was hung on all of his charges. Originally, District Court Judge Robert Jonker ruled Inman could not be re-tried, but Thursday’s decision overturns that.

Inman’s attorney Chris Cooke tells 9&10 News that the case will now head back to Judge Jonker in Grand Rapids and a status conference will be scheduled if the U.S. Attorney’s Office decides to pursue another trial.

Inman was accused of asking for a $30,000 bribe from a carpenters union over the state’s prevailing wage vote, then lying to the FBI while they investigated.

Inman’s term ended in 2020.