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The Four

Canine Athletes are Catching Some Serious Air at the Ultimate Air Dogs Competition

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“As soon as they see the water they go crazy.”

Big smiles, furry paws, and wagging tails…

“Today is just about dogs having fun,” says Brian Wilcox, co-owner of Ultimate Air Dogs.

“It’s a great experience,” says dog owner, Jeanette Snyder.

The National Cherry Festival welcomes dogs of all kinds to compete in the Ultimate Air Dogs competition.

“We’ve been doing this 22 years. It’s really grown over the past 22 years so it’s just a lot of people,” says Wilcox.

Snyder shares, “The reason we do it is because have always welcomed us with open arms.

And these dog athletes are definitely not short of making a huge splash.

Wilcox says, “We have a 45 foot pool, a 40 foot dock. Pretty much a long jump for dogs. They run down the dock as fast as they can, jump in the pool as far as they can. Main thing is having a lot of fun.”

This three day event starts today and runs through Saturday where the top five dogs will compete in the finals.

“Today we got about 35 to 40 then tomorrow we will have 55-60 dogs,” says Wilcox.

Those participating with their energetic pups really do it for us– the adoring, lively fans.

“And the excitement from the crowd can really egg a dog on and it’s really fun watching the people learn about it and having them clapping and the fun they get out of it,” says Snyder.