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Michigan State Police Troopers in Northern Michigan to Begin Wearing Body Cameras this Week

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Michigan State Police Posts in northern Michigan are scheduled to begin receiving body cameras this week.

“We have a couple hundred troopers in northern Michigan, we have four posts were rolling this out beginning with the Alpena Post and then we’ll be going to Gaylord, Cadillac, and the Houghton Lake Post,” said Spl/Lt. Derrick Carroll, Michigan State Police 7th District Public Information Officer.

Lt. Carroll said this was made possible through an ongoing general fund supported by the Governor and both houses of the legislature.

“We received a $2 million grant and we also have a $3.8 million budget from the Governor and the legislature that was approved that funds these cameras, and it also funds the storage and maintenance of the system and program for years to come,” he said. “We’re trying to get our message out, letting the public know what’s going on and for transparency we’re getting these cameras out, and we’re excited to have these available to our troopers.”

Lt. Carroll said MSP will start equipping troopers in the Alpena Post with body cameras starting July 7.

By the end of July, every trooper will be equipped with a camera.

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