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CMHD Says People Should “Learn to Live with COVID” as Tourists Return to Northern Michigan


Over the past week, plenty of tourists have made their way to northern Michigan. Locals say it’s the most they’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

However, the Central Michigan Health Department’s Health Officer, Steve Hall, says folks shouldn’t let COVID get in the way of your summer.

“I mean certainly any time you add a lot of people to the area that aren’t normally there, you have a potential for an increase in cases. But I think at this point more than a couple years in, we are to the point now where we just need to learn to live with COVID,” Hall admits.

He says he hasn’t seen anything to be, “too concerned about.” However, he says people should view COVID precautions as a personal responsibility. They say by this point everyone should know to stay home if you feel sick, and get tested if you have symptoms.

“There really is many things available now that we didn’t have previously, and know a lot more certainly about COVID-19. I think people can feel more comfortable about the situation that we’re in right now,” Hall states.

He says with it being summertime people shouldn’t be too concerned about COVID spreading as most summer activities are outdoors and COVID has a tough time spreading outdoors.

Residents of Traverse City say they have noticed a lot more people in town this year.

A brother and sister riding their bikes say they miss the tourists and the energy they bring to Traverse City.

“I miss seeing that since the pandemic,” they say.

A husband and wife from Traverse City is going to their first outdoor concert since the pandemic began. They say they’re happy to things nearly going back to normal.

“It just feels like after three years, the weight has been lifted. Although we’re still cautious,” they continue. “I love it. It’s just like the good old days. We’re back.”