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What’s Growing? A Look at The Flower Beds

Flower 2
Flower 1

Summer is here northern Michigan. Even though our weather has been a roller coaster ride, with heat, humidity, and cold too, our flowers are in really good shape.

Our perennials are in fantastic shape. They are growing like weeds and are not far from blooming.

Even one that Justin thought was dead, is growing nicely.

“This guy right here about three weeks ago four weeks ago, Justin said he’s dead, rip um out. No, give it a chance. And look at how lush it is. This looks beautiful coming in nicely. Should be hopefully blooming in a couple of weeks here. Back here. We’re looking very, very nice to everything looks about ready to pop within the next week or two. ”

The whole bed is a solid green with no visible problems for these pollinator plants!

Our annuals are blowing up as well! Almost every single plant is in great shape. Only one looks bad, as it didn’t take well after planting. The rest have nice green leaves and beautiful flowers.

There’s not much more we can do. Justin says if the plants start to yellow we should add Healthy Garden to give the plants a boost. The other option is to use Bloom Blaster. It’s a liquid that you spray with a garden hose.

So, I’m going to keep doing what we’ve been doing.  Watering every day and making sure the beds are wet several inches down.

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