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Inside The Kitchen at The ‘Ville in Scottville


Without hesitation, The ‘Ville customer Sean Stenzel says despite all the options, his favorite is no toss up.

“It would be the pizza, definitely the pizza,” he said.

He stops in once a week.

“My parents and I usually get it every Tuesday,” he said.

“It’s kind of a flagship pizza here,” said head cook Dustin Draper when describing the BLT pizza. “It’s great, it’s beautiful, the compliments, I think we just take a lot of pride in it.”

Dustin says the pizza is layered up with a special garlic parmesan sauce, mozzarella and bacon.

“I put on that once it comes out, then I top it with fresh lettuce and cherry tomatoes and a little bit of mayo,” Dustin said.

Just about everything here is homemade, the dough, the sauces, you name it.

“So this BLT pizza has perfect texture on the bottom to give it a brick oven style texture on the bottom,” he said.

Dustin also put his heart and soul in perfecting an olive burger.

“Literally just off the top of my head, different flavors that I thought would go with it and just kind of experimented and finally I think the recipe stuck and went with it,” said Dustin.

The idea to open The ‘Ville came naturally, living right by the high school.

“We had so many kids come over to the house during lunch time, we’d just make stuff and Michelle says ‘why don’t we just start a restaurant?’” Dustin said.

Now, some of the high school graduates still come in to say hello when they’re in town.

“It means the world it means the world life-long relationships still getting called ‘coach’ after they’re done and over with high school,” Dustin said.

A couple years in, now the restaurant is pretty much an extension of their own home at lunch time during the week.

“Where all the kids just kind of hang out, get out their dramas, and just kind of relax and get away from school,” he said.

And an extension of your dinner table.

You can find The ‘Ville at 204 W. State Street, or call them at 231-631-6802.

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