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Frankfort Business Owners, Officials Wrap Up Weekend Celebrations


The city of Frankfort is wrapping up their Fourth of July celebrations Tuesday after the fireworks show was rained out Monday night. Executive Director for the Frankfort-Elberta Area Chamber of Commerce, Joanne Bartley says it’s been a fun weekend.

“We’ve had a little extension, but it’s been amazing. Everything was back in full force. So, everyone was super happy to have that parade back. [The] carnival’s back, sand sculpture contest, the art in the park,” Bartley says.

She says she’s noticed a lot more people enjoying this year’s celebration than in recent years. The owner of Kilwins in Frankfort, Cory Bissell, agrees.

“It’s definitely felt like a lot more people here. Especially we got to have our parade this year and that was just packed with floats and people all over town, lining the streets. It was really nice to feel the Americana come back,” Bissell states.

Those visiting the area say it’s the most people they’ve seen in Frankfort since the pandemic began. And with more people in the area, it’s lead to more special moments for businesses like Kilwins.

“When all the little kids come in here and they’re loading up on their superman ice cream and they’re just really excited to see the families come back through. And Kilwins is apart of that,” Bissell smiles.

After a couple years of fewer tourists, they say they’re happy to celebrate with everyone once again.

“Lots of people coming up to the area and it just makes for a really fun  summer ot see everybody through here. And we’re looking forward to more great weather and probably a really really busy summer,” Bissell says.

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