Fairy Tales Do Come True at the National Cherry Festival Princess Tea Party

“Who doesn’t love putting on a ball gown and a tiara?”  Screen Shot 2022 07 05 At 15603 Pm

Kids of all ages had their princess dreams come true today at the National Cherry Festival Princess Tea Party at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Event Director, Danielle Pung says, “This event is sold out. We have 321 tickets that were sold this year.

One princess says, “I’m excited to see the cherry queen.”

Princes and princesses gathered to enjoy some pink lemonade and get crowned by the cherry queen!

“It’s just a really great time for princes and princesses alike to meet the national cherry queen, meet the four candidates in her court and enjoy a cup of tea, usually lemonade,” says Pung.

The room was filled with smiles from ear to ear.

Pung says, “I love the pure excitement. This room will get so loud with all these little excited voices.”

PrincessSome princesses were even open to answering a few questions after their time with the queen!

When asked, “What do you think makes a great princess?” One princess shares, “What makes a great princess is being a kind and brave princess.”

But being a queen is more than a sparkly crown and her beautiful dress-

Pung states, “She is a spokesperson, an educated young individual and that really important to instill in these girls. You can be kind, you can be successful and still be beautiful.

And of course I had to ask, “What’s your favorite part about being a princess?”

One princess responded eloquently, “It’s not just about the fancy clothes, it’s about being with your family and having fun.”

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