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Cadillac Lions Club Medallion Hunt Ends With Team of Four Taking Home the Grand Prize

2022 Cadillac Lions Medallion

The 4th Annual Cadillac Lions Club Medallion Hunt ended with four people taking home the $300 grand prize. The winners were announced by the non profit charity organization Monday afternoon.

Each year a medallion is placed somewhere within the City of Cadillac. This year’s caveat meant that the utility easement on city roads were possible locations for the medal to be found.

Stephen Harkleroad, Beth Sellers and their children, Bennett and Olivia, found the medallion in a pear tree in front of someone’s home at the corner of Marble and Sunnyside streets. The final clue led the family to look for a street that was formerly named Poplar before being renamed in 1939.

“I was surprised. I figured nobody got it,” says Cadillac Lions Club President Timothy Anderson. “People went online, looked at the old maps and museum and traced out going backwards about four maps. And then the last map posted shows Poplar Street now where Sunnyside Road was.”

The medal was found hanging from a pear tree. It was the fourth time the family had played the scavenger hunt game, a victory the kids were very much looking forward to.

“If they found it they would go out and they got to choose any toys they wanted from Meijer,” says Anderson.

They aren’t the only kids benefiting from hunt. Money raised from local sponsors of the week long event goes towards scholarships for Wexford-Missaukee Career Tech students.

“We raised almost $6,000 this year, just a little shy,” says Anderson. “We gave out five $1,000 scholarships. Then we had the $300 donated for the prize. And there’s a little road rollover money for next year to start scholarships again.”

The number of participants grows every year. This year, 384 people signed up to play the game that started on July 1.

The event is free and fun for all ages while also supporting a good cause.