National Cherry Festival Firsts with Monika

The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City is known to attract over 500,000 people over the span of the week.

With over 150 events and activities to explore, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy…maybe even a sweet slice of cherry pie! Screen Shot 2022 07 04 At 20521 Pm

I’ve never experienced the National Cherry Festival, so today was all about trying new things and enjoying good food!

For starters, you can’t NOT try a cherry pie ice cream shake! It’s a full piece of pie mixed into vanilla ice cream! It was the first thing on my list, and I wasn’t disappointed! Of course I also tried a cup of fresh cherries, Gibby’s cheese fries, pushed a pin into the U.S. map, and enjoyed a crazy ride!

You can visit the National Cherry Festival until Saturday, July 9.

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