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Consumers Energy’s Very Cherry Porch Parade Happening All Week

If you haven’t made it out to National Cherry Fest yet, there’s a newer tradition going on all week that you can check out anytime.

It’s the Consumers Energy’s Very Cherry Porch Parade, and these houses go all out. They don’t just decorate their porch, they decorate their windows, lawns, trees, everything with their own unique touch.

It actually started in 2020 when they couldn’t do the traditional parade, but quickly became a favorite.

“It has been an amazing humbling experience the last couple of years to watch more and more houses get involved and just watch them celebrate their favorite fruit,” said Kat Paye, executive director of the National Cherry Festival. “It’s such an honor to drive through town coming down to Open Space Park and seeing all of the houses and their unique characters decorated.”

If you want to join in, there’s still time to start decorating. Or if you want to drive by and check out all the houses, .

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