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Celebrating Fourth of July at National Cherry Fest

From first timers to seasoned National Cherry Festival goers, it was a patriotic and cherry-filled Fourth of July.

“It’s sort of a tradition for our family I suppose,” said one of the people enjoying the festival. “We come and watch the air show yesterday.”

From the beach to the carnival and inside the Cherry Market, everyone has their favorite.

“The people, the festival people, the people coming to the festival, it’s just fun,” Barb Gurn, Ambassador for National Cherry Festival said.

“Well the cherries,” said George Harabedians who was visiting from Rochester Michigan said.

“Yeah, I would say cherries and the beach just the fun the carnival looks fun. Out on the water with the kids celebrating the fireworks,” Crystal Harabedians, also from Rochester, said.

And what better way to end the day than with a firework show over the bay put on by the Traverse City Boom Boom Club.

“We’ve got the greatest venue in the world,” said Tim Hinkley, the President of TC Boom Boom Club. “Everyone’s kind of waited over the past few years with the COVID environment and said let’s hit it.”

Two years off gave the nonprofit more motivation to put on a show, bigger than ever.

“The town, the community itself really, put so much of themselves into this event. Into things like the fireworks they’re proud of it and they want us to do well. They’re big cheerleaders and that’s special, you don’t necessarily see that everywhere,” Hinkley said

Everyone at the National Cherry Festival is optimistic the rain will hold off so the show can happen Monday night, but if not, they will reschedule the fireworks to Tuesday night at the same time.

National Cherry Festival will also keep everyone updated on any changes.

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