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Torch Lake Visitors Looking Forward to Fun During the Fourth of July Weekend

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People are already out on the water Friday getting a head start on their fourth of July weekend.

Torch Lake is expecting hundreds of people to come from across the state and the country to enjoy the Fourth on its clear waters.

“We’ll be back here Saturday and Sunday, Monday,” said Derek Friess from Commerce Township. “We’re going to ride out the full weekend.”

Friess was already having fun in the water with friends and family.

“It’s nice and cold it’s nice and cool but we don’t have this at home,” he said. “We come up here to get away and escape and it’s beautiful. A little slice of heaven.”

Jack Holland and Grady Zoroaym from Northville also came up from downstate with friends. 

“My favorite part has been the memories we’ve been able to make,” said Zoroaym. “We’ve been up here probably the past two years, this is our third year coming up here in a row, and it’s been just pretty fun growing up with each other.”

They have plans to golf, swim, go tubing and catch some fish on the lake this weekend.

“When you think of this lake, you always think of the sandbar and all the things you can do here,” said Holland.

Janice and Todd Berguetski are from Denver, Colorado, and traveled to Michigan with their three daughters.

“Coming to Torch Lake has been a bucket list item for us for a while,” said Janice. “We’re touring Michigan and the U.P. and Chicago and different things, so this is a stop on the way for this weekend.”

They said nothing beats the clear, blue water of the lake.

“We’ll be on the lake here, on the sand bar, probably out floating around just kind of enjoying things,” said Todd. “See where the day takes us.”

The Antrim County Sheriff’s Office said they’ll be stepping up patrols this weekend.

“They’re out here in numbers,” said Sgt. Kevin Hoch. “They’re out here to make sure everyone here is having a nice time and is safe, and everybody goes home safe.”

Safety is their number one priority, Sgt. Hoch said.

“Remember to wear your life jackets, please do not drink and drive a vessel or a vehicle, and just be safe,” he said.

And the visitors to Torch Lake have some advice, too.

“Have fun, get out here early and hopefully there’s some sunny days, and enjoy it,” said Holland.