Detective Lieutenant Reflects On 35 Years In Michigan State Police & S.A.N.E.

A man who made communities in northern Michigan a little bit safer the last couple of decades is hanging up his hat. Detective Lieutenant Ken Mills retired from the Michigan state police.

Detective Lieutenant Mills has been with Michigan State Police for 35 years.

“I think as a young officer; you want to try and arrest as many people. I think over time, you realize that people have problems, especially working in drug enforcement, and nobody wants to become a drug addict or sell drugs,” said Detective Lieutenant Ken Mills of Michigan State Police and Commander of S.A.N.E.

He’s spent the last 20 years as Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement commander.

“In early 2000, the late nineties is when we started to see the prescription drug problem,” said Lt. Mills.

Then it was meth, followed by heroin. Now S.A.N.E’s focus is getting crystal meth off the street “It’sIt’s not going to go away because of the addictive nature and the availability, the money that can be made from selling it, the weapons that are tied to it and the paranoia, it’s a concern” said Lt. Mil” We’ree’re just being more aggressive in moving those cases fas “er.”

When Lt. Mills reflects on his career, he’s most proud of his impact on the community and the most memorable moment was teaching younger troopers the ropes.