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Brewvine: Location and Libations at Mackinaw Trail Winery in Petoskey

For this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and chief photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to check out the location and libations at Mackinaw Trail Winery in Petoskey.

“I know people are starting to wanting to get back out there, finally get back with their friends and family and finally get married and celebrate all together again. So we definitely do still have openings this year and then we are still available for 2023 as well.”

Even with wedding season in full swing, Mackinaw Trail Winery still has slots available for weddings and events this summer, and they have a great space for all of those special gatherings.

“It’s right outside of Petoskey, so just really close to that hometown feel that you get,” said Jillian Flanagan, Manager and Event Coordinator at Mackinaw Trail Winery. “But we do have the gorgeous rolling vineyards and rolling hills out here. So it does kind of set you apart from the crazy hustle and bustle inside. Not to mention, especially in the summertime, you get the gorgeous view of the grapes that are always in bloom because they do grow all the time. But not to mention, we do have a gorgeous venue here with our fountain and we do have wine and beer, so we do have a little something for everyone.”

The winery will also be hosting some of their own beer, wine and food events this summer.

“We do have some dinners coming up here with us soon that we will be publishing on our Facebook page and on various platforms about doing some farm to table dinners,” said Flanagan. “We are going to be utilizing our big brand new state of the art smoker that we do have. So we’re going to be featuring some really good meals that way that all will have wine pairings. Not to mention, we do actually have our brand new beer that is finally out this year and does come out once a year. That’s called Jesus Should Have Made Beer, and it is an imperial stout that is aged in Buffalo trace bourbon barrels and at 14 and a half percent, it definitely hits the palate just right with those chocolaty bourbon notes.”

Whether it’s for a wedding or a wine tasting, Mackinaw Trail Winery has a great selection of wine and beer to fit any occasion.

“We have anything from dry reds to dry whites. We have the sweeter wines. Like we do have an ice wine, port style wine. We have fruit wines. So we really have any wine that will fit anyone’s palate here, along with many different beers, too,” said Flanagan. “Really a one stop shop here. So you do get you get the alcohol./ not to mention you have gorgeous sunsets out here at our venue. And there’s something you can’t beat about a good northern Michigan sunset, especially with a view of the vineyards.”