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A Flight on Fat Albert!

Fat Albert Tom

It was the last day of practice for this weekend’s National Cherry Festival Airshow!

The Blue Angels are on the tarmac ready to go, in big part to their support plane Fat Albert.

I was lucky enough to get a ride aboard.

From the time of meeting the crew to getting strapped on wasn’t long.

And before you knew it, we were headed down the runway

There was a bit of leaning as we went up fast, but it was smooth!

Once up, the trip was just like how it will be over the weekend!

We were back and forth, up and down all within a few thousand feet of the ground.

Think of it as a roller coaster but instead of 1 minute, it lasted 30!

We even had a little weightlessness:

Captain Jackson Strieff:

“I think we hit a negative .4 G for a little bit. So enough for you to feel that weightlessness and float around a little bit. Hopefully, you were strapped in nice and tight.”

After it was over, it was time to settle the stomach a little bit.  But there’s no doubt, I would do it again.

This lucky group of Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, and Marines all had a fun time.


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