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People Advised to Keep Out of Water at Clinch Park


The Grand Traverse County Health Department says people should stay out of the water at Clinch Park.

In a water sample gathered today, E. coli levels were at a level three. That exceeds the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy’s (EGLE) standards.

Jackie Finch is a resident of Traverse City. She says the advisory comes at a very inopportune time, with the National Cherry Festival and the holiday weekend kicking off tomorrow.

“I’m down here and I feel like the festival started. I mean you see the rides up, they’re putting up everything, and the number of people down her. So, people really need to know that they can’t go in the water and it’s a shame,” Finch states.

She says at first she didn’t know people were advised to keep out of the water, until a man made them aware.

“Yeah the guy told me when we just walked over, ‘don’t have your little one go into the water,'” Finch says.

There are advisory signs along the shoreline, but Finch says there should be more of a warning especially with all the tourists here this weekend.

“They’re going to go into the water, because they’re not going to see [the sign] down here. You can bet your money there are going to be kids playing there and no one’s even going to know about it,” Finch claims.