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Michigan State Police to Begin Operation Care Program for Holiday Weekend

With the Fourth of July weekend coming up, Michigan State Police is preparing to keep northern Michigan safe during the holiday.

Michigan State Police is now beginning its Operation Care program, which means extra highway and road patrols and more visibility campaigns through the media as ways to reduce crashes. They encourage people to focus on seatbelt use, not driving while impaired and not speeding as ways to reduce injuries or death during the holiday weekend.

Troopers also encourage drivers to be cautious of construction work, as work and detours will still be in place over the coming days, and to ensure slow driving when going through work zones.

“What we’ve seen last year, we continue to see this year, is speeding violations,” Lt. Derrick Carrol, Michigan State Police said. “People are driving excessive speeds, that over COVID for some reason, there were fewer cars on the road and people were driving faster, and we’re still seeing a high volume of speeding throughout the area so we hope through high-visibility patrols and people knowing that troopers are gonna be out there then they’ll slow down.”

The Michigan State Police Operation Care Program begins Friday morning and will last until July 5.

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