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Highlights of the State Budget Deal for the 2023 Fiscal Year

According to the numbers given by the House GOP, this is what the highlights of the $76.7 billion state budget deal looks like.

One part of the budget goes to supporting students, which includes:

  • $9,150 for per-pupil foundation allowance
  • $693 million for school safety and infrastructure
  • $1.92 billion for special education resources
  • $575 million for teacher recruitment and retention
  • $52 million for recovery from lost learning

Another part of the budget includes investing $130 million in public safety and community policing resources.

Better roads is another part of the budget with $6 billion going toward rebuilding local roads, repairing bridges and improving airport and transit systems.

Workforce and economic development is the fourth part which includes:

  • $300 million for economic and community development
  • $55 million to train workers for high-demand jobs
  • $40 million to enhance Pure Michigan tourism campaign
  • $57 million to train more nurses and build up Michigan’s healthcare system

The fifth part is about family and maternal health with includes:

  • $20 million to improve prenatal and postnatal care and promote adoption
  • $625 million for mental health services
  • $2.5 million to increase healthcare for foster children

The sixth part is paying down debt and saving for the future which is broken into two parts:

  • $2.65 billion for debt reduction in public employee pension systems
  • $180 million to rebuild the state’s “rainy day” fund for future economic downturns