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“Day of Joy” Recognizes Seniors and Caregivers

Day Of Joy Delivery
Day Of Joy

You’re never too old, and you should never be too busy, to find a little joy in life.

That’s the message behind the annual “Day of Joy” that’s recognizing seniors and caregivers in Traverse City.  It’s actually a nationwide event from .  They’re a network of in-home caregivers aimed primarily at seniors, helping them maintaining their independence.

They say they’re on a mission to reclaim the positivity and fun that people have missed out during the pandemic.  A special delivery of cookies on Wednesday brought joy to the seniors and their caregivers throughout northern Michigan.

Care Coordinator Kelsey Baker says, “A lot of us get so caught up in the day to day, and things blend together. We really need to step back and focus on the caregivers and how much they do for us. And the community of the seniors that we service.”

This year’s theme was “reclaim the joy” – comfort keepers says the goal is to help people celebrate all of the simple things that bring them joy and happiness.