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Clare County Starts New Program to Reward Kids for Being Safe

The Field Neuroscience Institute is teaming up with agencies around Clare County to keep kids safe this summer in a program called “Caught Being Safe.”

The police, DNR and Coast Guard will be looking for kids that are playing it safe and rewarding them with a coupon for a free ice cream cone or apple slices from McDonalds. Officers will be looking for kids that are wearing their bike helmets, looking both ways before crossing the road, wearing their life jacket on the water or anything else that is keeping them safe.

“We just wish all kids will practice being safe over the summer and have a good summer,” said Sheriff John Wilson from the Clare County Sheriff’s Office. “We look forward to handing these out to the good kids.”

“The look on the kid’s face when you deal with them and give them that coupon for ice cream or apple bits is just great because of the positive feed back you are getting from that child,” said Investigator Dale Heugel.

McDonalds restaurant Owner/Operators will be donating 90,000 coupons for ice cream or apple slices to the Caught Being Safe Program.