Traverse City Whiskey Co. Sets Up Barrel Hunt Throughout Traverse City

Each barrel was hand-painted by a local artist and will be auctioned off to benefit local charities at the end of the summer.

Traverse City Whiskey Co. (TCWC) has stationed painted barrels throughout the city in honor of the National Cherry Festival. Each barrel was hand-painted by a local artist. Traverse City Whiskey Co Barrel Hunt

From July 1 through Labor Day, the company is encouraging locals and visitors alike to participate in a citywide scavenger hunt to locate the various barrels. Participants who find a barrel can scan the QR Code to learn more about the program.

There are different prizes for finding specific numbers of barrels. After scanning the QR code, participants will take a selfie in front of the barrel and then post it to their personal Facebook or Instagram and tag TCWC.

At the end of the barrel program, TCWC will auction off a select number of barrels to the public during an event at The Stillhouse to be announced. Proceeds will benefit a local charity or charities.

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