Summer Camp Fun at Forest & Farm in Cadillac

Forest & Farm is having fun this summer with their new summer camp program. Forestfarm

For six weeks, students will have a themed week to enjoy different activities to help them learn and have a little fun! Some of the themes the kids will be enjoying is Animal Week, Farming Around the World Week, Bug Week, Water Week, Mud Week, and Harvest Week.

It’s really important to keep our children interested in education, especially during the summer months, where they can go outside and get physical activity and to keep the brain engaged.

Mary Galvanek, owner and educator at Forest & Farm keeps the culture organic, without factory farming and makes sure the children live their lives with compassion. She says, “We want to connect kids to the food that they eat…we want to teach them how to do it without an access amount of chemicals or some of the things people use on their farms like stun guns.”

Galvanek stresses that anyone can provide for themselves and their community in healthy ways, by growing produce yourself and nurturing your body in the most natural ways.

For more information on Forest & Farm, CLICK HERE.


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