Soo Township Volunteer Fire Department Gets New $500,000 Firetruck

An eastern U.P. fire department had a $500,000 new firetruck delivered Tuesday evening.

The Soo Township Volunteer Fire Department in Chippewa County ordered the truck in September of last year.

Firefighters looked over the new, custom-made, pumper and all the equipment with it. COVID relief, along with general fund money from the township, covered most of the truck. It will replace the previous pumper that was over three decades old. Having the most up-to-date truck and equipment is vital for firefighters that cover the 50 square-mile township and other townships requesting their help.

“We we get the call, we gotta know if things are going to function right,” Chief Jeff Killips from the Soo Township Volunteer Fire Department said. “It’s a big relief to have new equipment come in and know that it is going to work properly when we need it too.”

The retired firetruck is being purchased by their insurance company.