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Munson Medical Center Receives National Awards For Stroke Patient Care

Munson Medical Center

Munson Medical Center is being recognized nationally for the care they give to stroke patients.

The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association are awarding Munson Medical Center for the 9th year in a row.

Munson earned the Stroke Gold Plus Award, the highest award a hospital can receive when it comes to stroke care. They also were awarded the Target Stroke Honor Roll Elite Award. Munson was selected over hundreds of hospitals nationwide for the care they provide. From the paramedics all the way through their hospital stay and the rehab process.

Munson Healthcare Stroke Program Medical Director Kersti Bruining says the awards aren’t only good for the hospital, but the community too.

“I think it’s a good thing for the community. We here at Munson Medical Center want to take care of our friends and neighbors and fellow community members. We want to do that to the very highest level of our ability. And this is an outside well respected institution that say we are doing that,” Bruining says.