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Governor Whitmer Signs State of Emergency for Mecosta County Following a Flooding

On Tuesday morning, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer granted a state of emergency for Mecosta County to help ongoing recovery efforts from the flooding that happened early last month in Big Rapids.

On May 11, a heavy storm moved through Big Rapids leaving more than four inches of rainfall in a span of about two hours. The flooding caused severe damage to local roads in downtown Big Rapids. The local state of emergency that was declared on May 12th started some of the recovery efforts but the funds weren’t enough.

Mecosta County requested a state of emergency to be declared by Gov. Whitmer and she graciously signed. With Gov. Whitmer stepping in, Big Rapids is eligible for more help and funding to repair the city.

“We just very much appreciate that they have acknowledged our issues as legitimate and that our needs are definitely apparent. We are going to get the funding, so we are excited about that,” says Mark Gifford, Big Rapids City Manager.

Governor Whitmer has made state resources available to prevent further damage and to help repair roads, bridges, and buildings in Big Rapids.