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Charlevoix Public Schools Accepting Bids for 2022-23 Building Trades Home

Charlevoix Public Schools is accepting bids for its 2022-23 building trades home.

Each year, students in the district build a house to gain skills in the workforce and build relationships. After the house is complete, it goes up for auction and is transported to the winning bidder on the property they choose. The buyer will be responsible for transportation costs, depending on distance and route.

This year, the starting bid for the house is $90,000 which is the same amount of money that was spent on materials to build the house.

One of the district teachers says that the most important part of the projects is giving students another important life skill.

“The biggest lesson that they get is how to work. How to work together as a team, and come off with the fruits of their labor in the end,” said Boogie Carlson, a Middle-High School Teacher from Charlevoix Public Schools.

Bids should be placed in a sealed envelope labeled “Building Trades Bid” and sent to Charlevoix Public Schools. All bids are due July 13.

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