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YMCA Camp Torenta Welcoming Campers Back for the Summer

YMCA’s Camp Torenta in Cadillac has been open for more than 100 years, and one thing that’s stayed the same is being a place for kids to enjoy their summer days.

“No matter what your role is, a camper, counselors, staff, it’s all a lot of fun,” said Loretta Slocum, Director of Youth Development at YMCA.

The camp is open for the summer. Whether swimming, climbing or doing crafts, smiles and laughter are contagious all day long at Camp Torenta.

“We’ve seen a lot more demand. Two weeks before camp started, we had as many registrants as we did all of 2021, and we continue to see more registrations coming,” said Bob Reddick, Membership and Market director for YMCA.

Like many places having enough staff to pull off camp was questionable this year.

“Since the pandemic. Staffing has been really difficult just across the board,” said Reddick. “Being a nonprofit organization, we don’t necessarily pay as much as for-profit organizations. So it makes a little harder for us to find staff.”

Camp Torenta did find enough staff to at least have a day camp.

“It’s always great when we can continue those traditions and meet the need that our community has,” said Reddick.

However, overnight camp won’t be happening. Camp Torenta hopes to bring overnight camp back in the future.

For the campers, they’re just happy to be making summer memories.

” It is just entertaining to be here because there are lots to do. You can make friends and stuff,” said Eliza Jarvis, Camper.

“I like kayaking, swimming and doing all the activities they let you do,” said Jaxon Browder, Camper.

For the staff, it’s all about being a positive impact on the kids.

“Our goal is they leave here better than what they came, as far as just intellectually, socially, and just growing who they are as a person,” said Reddick.

Camp Torenta found more day camp staff than expected, so they can have more campers than usual. They still have openings for some weeks.