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People Worship at Revival Center Church Despite Saturday’s Fire


Despite a fire Saturday morning that destroyed the Revival Center Church in Cadillac, worshipers still gathered Sunday for service.

As investigators work to determine what caused Saturday’s fire, people from all around stepped up to make sure they had a Sunday service. They held service today in a tent on top of a hill, overlooking the charred up church. Pastor Will Markham says although the building is gone, the church is not.

“Folks came from all over the area. We’ve had people contacting us that we’ve never met before. I had a man show up in our parking lot today that was from a congregational church in Beulah. And just saying, ‘hey what can we do to help you guys.'” Pastor Markham says. “My phone was just blowing up with texting calls because people wanted to help us. It makes a hard time easier.”

People brought sound equipment, another local church brought chairs and a whole lot of people helped get the tent on top of the hill. Pastor Markham says there was no way they wouldn’t have a service Sunday.

“Anybody that thought there wouldn’t be a service at Revival Center today, they don’t know us,” Pastor Markham laughs.

Ronald Nicholas has been a member of the church for 30 years. He says he was devastated Saturday when he found out about the church. Although he says the church isn’t the building, but the people inside it.

Pastor Markham says they’ll begin knocking down the rest of the church Monday then rebuild from there. He says the support they’ve received from the community has meant a lot.

“It means to me in this community especially. there are many congregations here, but there is one church, and people come together in times like this. It makes all the difference in the world,” Pastor Markham states.

The Revival Center Church plans to continue their Sunday services as they work to rebuild.