Stabenow, Peters & Huizenga React to Roe v. Wade Overturn

Congressman Bill Huizenga (R-MI) and Senators Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Gary Peters (D-MI) released statements Friday after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a 1973 decision that gave women in all 50 states the constitutional right to control their own reproductive health choices.

Congressman Huizenga:

“Today’s decision has been one common sense, pro-life Americans have been waiting for. This ruling confirms there is no constitutional right to end the life of an innocent, unborn child. The decision correctly restores power usurped by the courts to the states and the representatives elected by the people. While today’s announcement is historic, the pro-life movement cannot waiver in protecting these innocent lives. I will continue to stand up for the unborn in the days ahead and stand against those who seek to enshrine policies that embrace abortion on demand.”

Senator Stabenow:

“In 1973, Roe v. Wade gave American women the fundamental freedom to make our own reproductive health care decisions. Now, 50 years later, the Supreme Court has ripped away this basic right.

“The fundamental question is ‘who gets to make health care decisions for a woman?’ The woman herself, based on her own faith, with her family and her doctor, or a bunch of judges and politicians?

“This Supreme Court decision will literally put women’s lives at risk. Twenty-six states are poised to move quickly to ban abortion—including 13 states with laws that can go into effect right now.

“It is hard to look past the anger that I and so many women across the country feel right now. From the President to the Congress to our local State Legislatures, elections matter now more than ever.”

Senator Peters has publicly shared his family’s story with abortion and released the following statement:

“For nearly 50 years, women and families have been able to count on safe and legal abortion as a vital and fundamental health care right in this country. And today – the Supreme Court is taking that right away.

“This decision will have immediate, catastrophic consequences for women and families. Women who are victims of rape or incest will not be able to seek an abortion in many parts of the country. Women who have health complications during their pregnancies may not be able to receive emergency care that could save their lives.

“When I shared my family’s story on abortion, I remember the strong outpouring of support I received from women – and men – who had similar experiences as my own: people who so dearly wanted a child – but suffered medical complications – and needed an abortion to save the life of the mother. The mental anguish you go through during such a vulnerable time is unimaginable, and stays with you. My heart breaks for them and everyone going through these tragic, real-life experiences that happen each and every day.

“Today, the Supreme Court has opened the door wide open for politics to interfere in private health care decisions between women and families and their doctors – and worse yet, may open the door to making abortion outright illegal without exceptions for rape, incest or life of the woman. I am gravely worried about the precedent this ruling sets.

“I will always stand up to prevent these cruel attacks.”

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