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People in Northern Michigan React to Roe v. Wade Overturning

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The arguments surrounding abortion are heated after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

People walking around in Traverse City shared their thoughts on the ruling. The opinions ranged pro-life to pro-choice, including some who think the state’s should have more of a say.

“It’s a baby. It’s an unborn baby,” one man says.

Another man walking down Front Street in Traverse City says he’s worried for women.

“I think women have lost significantly and their lives will be damaged,” the other man says.

With one side adamant about protecting women and the other adamant about protecting the unborn, both sides feel justified in their arguments. A group of women walking down the street was fired up over the ruling.

“Why do you fee like this is okay for us to not be able to choose. I just feel like that’s not fair, for me and my fellow girls. Around here anything could happen,” one of the women says.

And while a lot of folks are against it, there are others that agree with the ruling. One woman walking down the street says she’s been praying for Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

“It’s a baby and it needs to live,” the woman says.

Either way the state of Michigan is now in legal limbo as prosecutors await the state supreme court decision on whether the 1931 Abortion ban is constitutional. The same law Roe v. Wade put in check.

“This has been into existence, law for 50 years. My grandparents and myself have more choices than these young people today. It’s really sad,” a woman says.

Co-Founder of the Women’s March of Traverse City, Monica Evans, says women in Northern Michigan are angry and ready to protest. They say another group is hosting a protest tomorrow at open space in Traverse City.

“It’s so important to get the vote out. I know this won’t change, but someday it will. And we have to get the vote out,” Evans says.

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