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Owners of a Log Cabin House in Cadillac Celebrate Michigan Log Cabin Day

The last Sunday in June is Michigan log cabin day.

Mark and Karen Bacha have a log cabin in Cadillac. It sits on Big Cove on Lake Mitchell.

“We enjoy it, and it’s a lot of fun in the summer and the winter,” said Karen Bacha.

The Bacha’s purchased it 29 years ago. It was built in the 40s by the Way family from Northern Indiana. It was called Hideaway Fishing and Log Camp.

“They ended up building nine log cabins, one of which was theirs, that they used for the office to manage your property. And our place, as we learned about the history, was the office. So our place was the place where the Way family actually stayed,” said Mark Bacha.

Besides the Bacha’s, two other log cabins from the camp still stand.

“I think it’s a good thing to keep the history going just because you don’t see many log cabins anymore,” said Karen.

Having a log cabin comes with some challenges.

“The logs on the outside require a lot of maintenance,” said Karen Bacha.

“The interesting thing about being in a log home is like at night, you can just hear the wood constantly moving because it’s expanding, contracting,” said Mark Bacha.

The Bacha’s have added on.

The original cabin’s logs are all different, and the logs look almost identical where they’ve added on.

“More of a modern technique of doing logged homes is going to be more engineered still taking trees and debarking trees and cleaning them up. But then they will mill them a bit more so that they’re more uniform in diameter to make it easier to build and better insulation value,” said Mark Bacha.

When it comes to Michigan Log Cabin Day, the Bacha’s never forget to celebrate.

“There’s probably about a 100 or so log cabins around the state, and you can go and visit them on Log Cabin Day, and the original first log cabin that I know of is on Mackinaw Island.

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