Local Healthcare Providers React to Supreme Court Decision

Women’s healthcare providers in northern Michigan say the Supreme Court’s decision today will have a great impact on their patients seeking care.

“This is a very significant day. This is a sad day. This is a sad day for me, a sad day for America,” said certified nurse midwife and co-owner of Transitions Women’s Wellness Center in Manistee Jennifer Cameron.

At Transitions, Cameron said she services everything from women’s primary care, contraception, to labor and birth services.

Cameron said the Supreme Court decision today made her fearful.

“I feel like that this is one step in the wrong direction,” she said. “It’s a huge step backwards for equality and equity to healthcare in this country.”

Cameron says after today’s ruling, she’s expecting to see more women at her wellness center.

“I’m thinking that I’m probably going to have a lot more pregnancies in the future, that maybe aren’t wanted. Maybe aren’t healthy,” she said. “I worry about the 13 year old girl who’s been repetitively raped by her brother or her father and now she’s of age and now she’s pregnant and I worry about what’s going to happen to her. I worry about women who are pregnant with what’s called a hydatidiform mole or a molar pregnancy. That’s a pregnancy that isn’t developing correctly and could actually kill them, could kill the woman. I worry about the providers that save those women’s lives or provide those services, are they going to be arrested, have their license revoked.”

Now that the law goes back to the states to decide, she says there’s a lot more than unwanted pregnancies that lawmakers need to consider.

“There’s so many questions and there’s so many very specific circumstances that are not being accounted for, and if laws change at the state level, there’s just too many individual situations that would have to be put into law because people will say well that will be an exception, that will be an exception,” Cameron said.

Munson Healthcare also released a statement from their Chief Legal Officer Rachel Roe saying:

Today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court to overturn Roe versus Wade will have undeniable impact on patients, providers and healthcare systems around the nation including here in northern Michigan. The path forward and scope of this change is still uncertain, but Munson Healthcare is committed to standing by our providers in navigating this new landscape and supporting them to make scientific, evidence-based care decisions that ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our patients.

Cameron wants to assure the same to her patients.

“Those of us providing care to women are still going to provide you the very best care that we can, the very best care that is legal,” she said.

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