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Lakeview Mobile Home Park Residents Say They Still Face Issues

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Even more issues are now coming out of Lakeview Mobile Home Park in Prudenville.

Over the past few months, has water and sewage issues that residents have had in the trailer park – that they say have still not been fixed.

Now they say they’re standing up for themselves.

“I have to pay my bills, my electric, my gas,” said resident Christine Willey. “They should have to pay to fix this so that we have proper sewer and proper running water.”

Since the winter, Willey who owns her trailer and rents her property lot, said she’s had issues with her water pressure.

“Some days you can take a shower other days you can’t,” she said. “My toilet is the same, I don’t ever have enough water.”

And after attempting to contact the property owners and managers, and getting no results, she said she put her rent money in escrow instead of paying rent.

“They need to fix the problem because all they’re doing is band aiding the problem and it’s not being fixed,” Willey said.

On June 19, she received a letter of nonpayment of rent from who she assumed was the new property manager.

“They should have acknowledged that they were managers, the new managers,” she said. “We never know who management is or anything.”

The new property co-manager, Robert Coggins, said he did deliver the nonpayment notice.

“Since I’ve gone door to door to talk to a lot of the tenants because I was trying to find out who owns what, because that changes their rights here,” Coggins said. “If you own your trailer, I want you to call the plumber, and he needs to come out and look at the problem and if that whole problem is our end, I can send the bill to our management, so that way it doesn’t bill to you at all.”

Coggins said he’s trying to repair relationships and be a better property manager.

“So many of our past managers didn’t care. They didn’t try,” Coggins said. “My goal is if I can get my boss to be on the same page as me, I want this place to be nice.”

Regardless, Willey said she’s standing up for herself.

“I got a lawyer, I got my money in escrow, so I guess the next thing is we can go to court,” she said.

We reached out to Coggins’ boss, Jon King of Multi-Family Innovations in Lansing.

He had no comment.