Food Bank Council Asking for States Support in New $50 Million Line Item Proposal for State Budget

Food pantries are asking lawmakers for more help after they stepped up to help families during COVID and rising infaltion.

It’s the high cost of food and transportation that is now taxing the Michigan Food Bank Council. Which is why they want lawmakers to approve a $50 million budget line item that will cover the increased costs.

After almost two years with the pandemic, many food pantries in Michigan are low on supplies.

During the pandemic, the Food Bank Council of Michigan and its seven regional food banks helped thousands of families across the state. Now, food and transportation prices are rising and volunteer and supply numbers are down for some local food pantries.

“We definitely are always looking for donations to help us out, whether it be a food drive-thru, individuals, or or businesses just to help us fill our shelves because the food supply is very difficult right now,” Carrie Klingelsmith, the Executive Director of the Manna Food Project, said.

The council also wants another $15 million Farm to Family Food Box Program. They believe all this money will help cover the 47% increase in distribution.

With the record inflation, the council pays 40% more to keep up with demand across Michigan.

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