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Report Showcases Inequities Women and Girls Still Face Fifty Years After Passing Title IX

The week of June 19-25 marks fifty years of Title IX.

To mark the anniversary, the Task Force on Women in Sports released their final report Wednesday.

The report documents inequities for women and girls in Michigan athletics. It also outlines ways our state can do better in supporting women and girls in sports and beyond.

They found that increasing opportunities for girls and women in sports has many benefits. But still, even after fifty years of Title IX, girls and women still get fewer opportunities in sports. The report found they deal with lower levels of investment, training resources and safety assurance than men. It also showed women who do succeed in sports face a pay gap.

All things Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who chaired the task force, says we can work together to fix.

“We know it is going to take a team effort to make that happen and we are proud of the task forces work in recommending not just the governor but the entire state of Michigan for what we can do together to increase opportunities for all of us in our state,” said Benson.

Here are some of the ways the task force says you can support women and girls in sports:

  • Modernize and expand federal Title IX laws with increased protections, compliance and accountability. This can be done by awarding Title IX compliance, creating a certification process, and increase Title IX training for school’s coaches and athletes.
  • Invest in girls’ athletics. Doing this can create a pathway to leadership in sports but other industries as well.
  • Market and finance future opportunities for girls and women at all sports levels. The task force suggests more promotion for national girls and women in Sports Day held in February. Put more women in the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, and expand opportunities for girls to learn about careers in sports.

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