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‘The Barn at Higgins Lake’ Gives Away a Free Dream Wedding

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“We met in 2016, we worked together at subway actually.”

“And from there she added me on Snapchat and that’s kind of where it all began.”

Celestina Garcia and Tyler Caldwell are a young couple and are deeply in love.

Caldwell admits, “I’m not really one to get nervous, but I was pretty nervous to get on one knee.”
“He did it up here, it was on a dock on Higgins Lake…The ring, it was my great grandma‘s stone like diamond, so he got it put on a different setting so that was cool too,” says Garcia.

And like many love stories– it expanded into a family of their own.

“We kind of did everything backwards. We had Kora in 2017, and we just had Kinsley a year ago,” says Garcia.

They were so excited to plan a wedding and celebrate with their loved ones, but with celestina in nursing school, and two little girls — financially, it wasn’t going to happen as soon as they liked…Until…

“I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to win this,” says Skip Butler, co-owner of .

Celestina’s mom entered them in a wedding giveaway at .

Lisa Butler, co-owner of The Barn at Higgins Lake shares, “I’m excited about this giveaway because it goes to a deserving couple who might not have been able to afford their dream wedding…I kept it very old-school, would like a handwritten letter, and it had to be mailed to the barn of why you thought that your family or friends deserved a free wedding.”

After seeing the toll Covid-19 and it’s impact took on everyone– The Barn at Higgins Lake owners, Skip and Lisa Butler, wanted to give back to their community.

Butler explains, “Then we had a jury who selected it down to three couples, and then the facebook fans they went and voted. And you had to be affiliated with the roscommon area, you had to have a cabin here or live here.”

With a smile, Garcia and Caldwell admit, “First we were in disbelief, you didn’t really believe it. When I got that call, I was like, what the heck?! This is crazy! How do I thank them so much?!”

Delighted that each business they asked didn’t hesitate to take part. 

“I love how the community literally jumped at the aspect of helping. We can’t wait for everybody to come together, and all the businesses that have work together to make this happen, kind of come together to make this a special day for them, and just to be a part of something to support everyone. And everybody’s helping everybody.

From food, to makeup, hair, massages, and the dress–

“Getting my dress was super fun. I’m super excited just to get all dressed up, and to see our girls, I really like that they’re going to be a part of it, you know the flower girls,” says Garcia.

Celestina and Tyler are going to finally have their dream wedding.
With their wedding bells set to ring in September.

“It’s your wedding day. It’s something you look forward to, I mean think about since you’re a little kid,” says Caldwell.