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Grand Opening Week for Reed City Ebels Coffee Shop and Clothing Store

Ebels in Reed City opened up their coffee shop and clothing store to the public at the beginning of June, but this week is their official grand opening.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. and a free pig roast for the community on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“We decided to do it the week of June 20th just to give ourselves a little time to get used to things.” says Ebels’ Co-Owner Laura Bennett.

The official grand opening of the clothing and coffee shop also falls on the one year anniversary of the general store.

“We were going to open in March, then it was April, then it was May and we finally got open in June which pretty much landed on the same timeframe as when they opened last year.” Bennett says.

The general store was already planning a one year anniversary event, so Bennett thought it would be fun to combine the two celebrations. During the week of celebrations, with your purchase in either the general store or the clothing department, you will automatically get entered into a drawing where you will win free food or apparel at the end of the week. Bennett describes one winning as a free Pelican cooler full of fresh meat including steaks and other kinds of roasts.

The community has been very supportive of the new additions to the general store. Bennett says they were very busy the first week as people were checking out the new stores to see what is available.

“The community has been very welcoming and very excited to have us here. So that makes you feel like it was worthwhile.” She says.

Unlike the Falmouth location, the coffee shop and clothing department in Reed City are not connected to the general store. Although, they do share the same parking lot, so it is not hard to find. There are also unique add-ons to the Reed City location. One specific addition includes a drive thru for the coffee shop.

“Being in a larger town, it is nice to have a drive thru option.” Bennett says.

There is also a cold case where customers can buy a cold sandwich, salad, or overnight oats.

Ebels also teamed up with Sweet Blooms in McBain where they bring in fresh flowers and bouquet arrangements for any kind of special occasion.

When it comes to the loyalty program, Ebels created a new software that will be automatic. Instead of having a punch card, customers can use their phone number for all different kinds of rewards. They are also looking into an app where people can text in orders to be picked up.

“Yeah, lots of things in the works,” Bennett says. “But right now we’re just kind of getting settled in and looking forward to the rest of the summer.”

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