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Lake City Detailing Businesses Unite for Father’s Day Fundraiser and Donation Drive

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Several businesses and organizations around Lake City came together at the school, Sunday, to support Oasis Family Resource Center in Cadillac with a fundraiser and donation drive.

In exchange for their support, members of the public were able to get a free car wash courtesy of competing detailing businesses.

One of the hosts, Tim Gunter, says the donations of diapers, formula and wipes are for families in need as people continue to feel the sting of inflation. But monetary donations have also been helpful.

“It’s going to be very important for us to be able to help families in need as far as housing and hotels and things like that,” says Gunter. “It’s been rough for many families out there. No matter where you’re at, not just in our community, but worldwide really.”

The Father’s Day Detailing For the Kids Event brought together Buff & Stuff Automotive Detailing, Cadillac Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coatings, Details Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coatings, Xtreme Image Auto Detail and Siler Sales for a car wash in support of Oasis and their clients.

Gunter says they all wanted to alleviate the pressure on families who were in search of baby items or other home necessities.

It’s also a chance for families to have fun while supporting a good cause. Not only was there a car wash but bounce houses, a dunk tank and a food truck.

Gunter, who has five children, says the event sets a great example for children in addition to providing family fun on Father’s Day.

“Hopefully that will carry over when they’re adults and they’ll say, hey, we remember when our parents and our community came together and really helped for a common cause,” he says. “Maybe it’ll set a trend into the future. And that would be a great thing.”

Gunter adds that with it being Father’s Day he is very proud of his children and appreciates being able to call himself their father.

“It’s a true blessing being a father even to just one child, but five children, to be able to be there as a part of that and to see what the the product of the work that we’ve all put together throughout the years to raise the children. I appreciate being able to be their father,” says Gunter.

Gunter says this is the first annual event and hopes to make it a tradition in the future.

Other partners in putting on the event include:

Lake City Area Schools

Lake City McDonald’s

Lake City Fire Department

Time 2 Shine Power Washing

Lake City Wesco

Roger’s Market


Lake City Chamber of Commerce

Missaukee Sentinel

Eric’s Wraps

Tasty Treat

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