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MTM On The Road: Traverse City Country Club Hosts ‘100-Hole Hike’

Two golfers at the hit the course as early as 5 a.m. on Friday.

They’re attempting to golf at least 100 holes before the end of the day in support of the Hammon family.

Steve Hammon is the TCCC golf course superintendent. His 16-year old son, Elliott, had the majority of a brain tumor removed last December at Devos Children’s Hospital.

Recently, he spent six weeks at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee to receive special radiation treatments to kill off the remaining tumor. Although the family still has a long road ahead, Elliot is back in school and competing on the Frankfort High School golf team.

Traverse City Country Club President Steve Booher and Immediate Past President Ed Price will take the formidable challenge to play as many holes of golf as possible from sun up to sun down in one day.

In order to raise money for the Hammon family and St. Jude’s, golfers are choosing either a flat donation amount or to pledge a specific amount for each hole they play.

Donations can also be made .

Our On The Road Crew, Lauren and Stephanie, are at TCCC this morning speaking to golfers as they get started!