Foster Parents Turned Adoption Parents and Breaking Down Barriers Along the Way

Two dads in Leland are breaking down barriers with love and smiles.

“I always wanted to be a dad,” said Jeremy Evans. “When I first came out, that was my discussion with my mom and dad. I was heartbroken because, at the time, it just seemed like that would never be a possibility.”

Rob Stow is Jeremy’s partner. The two met in 2004, fell in love, and married in 2009.

“I had a really good childhood, but it was very difficult to be sensing that I was different than other people, and I didn’t really understand that until much later in life,” said Stow. “It was really surreal because I didn’t really think that that was going to be something I was going to be able to do for a lot of my life once I kind of figured out my own sexuality and journey.”

“I think people get obsessed with the sex of a marriage, and anybody married will tell you that there’s a whole lot more than what’s going on in the bedroom,” said Evans.

In 2012, they began their journey as foster parents. As time went on, fostering turned into adopting. The couple adopted their first daughter Sadie in 2017.

Sadie Evans-Stow says she enjoys reading books with her dads and that they like and love her.

In 2019, they adopted two more bundles of joy, Gus and Millie.

“We are not the only gay family in our school,” said Evans. “We just bought a lot of books for the classroom and the library to help explain that our kids have two dads.”

The couple says it’s about the love, support, and kindness inside a house that make a family.

“I hope that they see someone who loves them and someone who is on their side and someone that they can talk to about anything,” said Evans.

And having two dads is a sweet bonus for these kids. Millie Evans-Stow says her favorite thing to do with her family is go swimming.

“They make me laugh every day because they say such funny stuff, and I love that they are so fun, they love to play, and I love seeing them learn new things,” said Stow.