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East Jordan Community Welcomes Seven New Sculptures To Their Art Walk

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“The East Jordan Chamber of Commerce extends the welcome mat out in a big way. Make that effort to get out on that art walk. It’s very easy, it’s very fun, it’s very scenic.”

The East Jordan community and Chamber of Commerce were able to come together– for the second year– to celebrate the East Jordan art walk.

Mary Faculak is President of the East Jordan Chamber of Commerce— which has helped bring the art walk to life.

“This is a combination of getting people outside and to this beautiful area, getting people to move through our community and while they’re discovering the beautiful art that we have, now 14 sculptures, it’s also getting them to discover what East Jordan has to offer in the line of business and dining,” says Faculak.

This year– seven new sculptures were added to the art walk, that starts in Memorial Park and extends into Sportsman Park.
Including one made by the Girl Scouts Troop 4455 — and another made by the East Jordan High School welding class.

“It feels really good that we made this and everyone gets to see how amazing it looks, we’re so proud of it.,” says welding student Ashlynn Kluth.

“And they can get inspired by it and make their own things too when they look at it,” says Avary Wilson, welding student.

The EJ High School welding class helped the Girl Scouts create ‘Juliette’ — this unique metal butterfly.

The Girl Scouts shared, “What’s representing us is the 4455 which is our troop number on there and our EJ logo. And it’s just made out of recycled materials which I feel like would be beneficial to our environment.”

“When the Girl Scout Troop 4455 approached me, we were able to get them up to the industrial arts institute. They had a real life experience understanding what there is to offer in the welding trades. And to see all of those girl scouts today and the pride and their involvement. It’s so promising and so hopeful, and inspiring,” says Chamber of Commerce President, Mary Faculak.

With help from Ann Gildner at the Onaway Industrial Arts Institute— the EJ High School welding class created ‘Jordan’– this giant metal swan.

“Seeing the swans in the swamps and in the lakes, we just thought it would be really cool to re-create one,” says welding student, Cole Wood.

East Jordan welding instructor, Dave Muladore says, “All the feathers are ran in our C-N-C table we have you up, he ground them, he welded them on. We have many other students that touched it. To be able to drive by and see it all the time is really cool and they all have a piece of it.”

And each year, the plan is to continue to adding art pieces that will inspire others to create and come visit East Jordan.

With a smile, Faculak says, “Our community is growing and the potential is endless on what we have to offer here with this art walk. Involving our young people in our community, it’s just so inspiring and so fantastic.”

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